In November of 2014, Adrianne’s mother-in-law declared that the family would have “handmade Christmas,” and since Adrianne wasn’t sure she could knit for the whole family in time for the holidays, she started researching handmade gifts, looking for something that would be a combination of practical, fun, and special. She ended up making her first batches of soap, lip balm, and body butter, and the reaction was just what she was hoping for—not only did everyone love it, but they started asking for more.

One of the jars of body butter found its way into Rachel’s hands, and she fell in love with it too, especially after finding that it was one of the few things that helped relieve the symptoms of her son Henry’s skin reaction from the adhesive at his insulin pump site. The ingredients were all natural, the balm was soothing, and the essential oils really made a difference. Suddenly, soap, lotion, and lip balm became a huge part of all their conversations!

Eventually, they decided—in what text messages at the time referred to as “a really good idea,”—that they should host an open house. So in December of 2015, they hosted their first Sugar Scrub Party and sold their products to friends and neighbors, with all proceeds going to type 1 diabetes research. Since then, they’ve hosted several more open houses and attended a few craft shows, with all the proceeds donated to type 1 diabetes research. Who knows what’s next!

When they aren’t soaping or teaching or talking about soaping, Adrianne and Rachel write.

Semisweet Soaps creates handmade soaps, lotions, balms, and butters with natural, skin-loving ingredients.

If you’re interested in ordering, please contact us for availability at semisweetsoaps@gmail.com.