Geranium Night Cream $10


Geranium Night Cream

Gentle and incredibly moisturizing, it includes essential oils of geranium, ylang ylang, and lavender, providing benefits for aging skin, with the added bonus of relieving anxiety and promoting a restful sleep. It also includes a botanical blend of calendula, sunflower, aloe, irish moss, and marshmallow extracts,  added for their wonderfully moisturizing and soothing attributes. Ingredients: water, btms-50, glycerin, stearyl alcohol, avocado oil, coconut oil, optiphen,  geranium, ylang ylang, and lavender essentinal oils, vitamin e, hydoxyethylcellulose

Carrot Seed Moisturizing Face Lotion $9 This light face moisturizer is ideal for daytime wear. It absorbs quickly without sheen. Carrot seeds contain plenty of antioxidants, which reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles. The scent of this face lotion is pleasantly earthy. Ingredients: water, meadowfoam seed oil, rice bran oil, BTMS-50 (emulsifier/conditioner), carrot seed extract, glycerin, DL panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), lavender and carrot seed essential oils, optiphen (preservative), 2 oz

Facial Bars 

Shea Butter Facial Bar $8 This is a great bar if your skin is in need of moisture. It’s cleansing with the addition of shea butter and jojoba oil to nourish and hydrate. Because of the additional moisture, the lather is minimal, but it thoroughly cleanses, and is wonderfully dense and creamy. With chamomile extract and chamomile essential oil, this soap is also suitable for sensitive skin due to Chamomile’s ability to sooth irritation. Ingredients: shea soap base, shea butter, jojoba Oil, chamomile extract, lavender essential oil, chamomile Roman essential oil, 4oz

Hemp & Tea Tree Facial Bar $8 Designed with the astringent power or tea tree essential oil, nourishment of hemp, and drying qualities of olive leaf, this facial bar is ideal for oily  to normal skin. Yet, this soap is mild enough to use every day


Argan & Ginseng Solid Eye Serum $9        


Argan & Ginseng Solid Eye Serum

A simple and gentle gel serum that is extremely moisturizing and scentless. Ginseng has a long history of use in anti-aging and energizing cosmetic and food products. Argan is a lush oil that’s very nourishing to skin and hair. Apply to under eye at night with ring finger. Ingredients:  argan & jojoba oils, ginseng extract, cera bellina wax, vitamin e, 1 oz



Overnight Soy & Botanical Blend Serum $10


Overnight Soy & Botanical Blend

This overnight serum is ideal for mature and dry skin, or for use in cold climates or seasons. If alpha hydroxy products are harsh on your skin, this might be a good, natural alternative, and it’s full of skin-loving oils like argan and jojoba. Before bed, put 3-6 drops to warm in your hand and then soothe upwards over face and neck. Ingredients: rice bran, jojoba, argon, soybean & sunflower oils, botanical blend, squalane vitamin e, .5 oz